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Suffocation Tickets and Information

Currently, we do not have any tickets available for Suffocation. However, we expect them to announce a tour soon, and Event Tickets Center will be your place to buy tickets. In the meantime, listen to some of their most popular music via the playlist below and read up on some of their background and biggest achievements. You can also browse similar artists such as Dying Fetus, Nile, Cryptopsy, Aborted, and Malevolent Creation and check back soon to buy Suffocation tickets!

About Suffocation

Suffocation is a band that has reached developing status across the Metal, Pop, and Rock categories. Suffocation has released 12 live and studio albums and 1 singles on Spotify that string all the way back to Jan 1, 1991 with their debut album titled Human Waste. Their most recent album release was Hymns From The Apocrypha on Nov 3, 2023.

Suffocation's Popularity

Suffocation's growth has led to an overall artist ranking of 33,596 on Spotify in the United States. This is largely fueled by 139,342 listeners and 223,209 followers on Spotify, but they also reach an additional 2,945,746 listeners on Spotify through playlists. Additionally, Suffocation has a robust following on social media with 142,414 followers on Instagram. Their top video on TikTok has 3,675,272 views, and there are also 2,075 posts on Tik Tok with their tracks featured on them. There are also 2,075 posts on Tik Tok with Suffocation's tracks featured on them. Suffocation is most listened to in Los Angeles in the United States.

Suffocation as an Artist

You likely recognize Suffocation by their top tracks which include "Perpetual Deception", "Liege of Inveracity", and "Hymns From The Apocrypha". You might also listen to Suffocation due to their earliest albums such as Human Waste, Effigy of the Forgotten, and Breeding the Spawn, but you may have heard of them from similar artists such as Dying Fetus, Nile, and Cryptopsy.

Suffocation's Appearances On Music Charts

Suffocation is pretty familiar with Apple's Top Album Chart, as they has featured on the United States version of the chart 2 times. Their best showing on the chart came on Nov 4, 2023. Suffocation peaked as high as 21 for their album, Hymns From The Apocrypha.

Suffocation's Music Library

Suffocation has released a total of 12 albums on Spotify and is the main or feature artist on 163 tracks. Their full discography can be found in the charts below, as well as their top 10 songs. However, some of Suffocation's top albums include Human Waste, Effigy of the Forgotten, and Breeding the Spawn. Their most recent album, Hymns From The Apocrypha was released on Nov 3, 2023. To supplement their albums, Suffocation has released 1 singles on Spotify. Their top single is Despise the Sun, with their most recent single, null, being released on null.

Suffocation Discography

AlbumRelease DateAlbum Type
Human WasteJan 1, 1991Album
Effigy of the ForgottenOct 7, 1991Album
Breeding the SpawnMay 24, 1993Album
Pierced From WithinMay 22, 1995Album
Despise the SunApr 30, 2002Single
Souls To DenyApr 27, 2004Album
SuffocationSep 19, 2006Album
Blood OathJul 3, 2009Album
The Close of a Chapter: LiveOct 27, 2009Album
Pinnacle of BedlamFeb 15, 2013Album
...Of the Dark LightJun 9, 2017Album
Live In North AmericaNov 12, 2021Album
Hymns From The ApocryphaNov 3, 2023Album

Suffocation Top Tracks

TrackAlbumRelease Date
"As Grace Descends"Pinnacle of BedlamFeb 15, 2013
"Clarity Through Deprivation"...Of the Dark LightJun 9, 2017
"Delusions Of Mortality"Hymns From The ApocryphaNov 3, 2023
"Dim Veil Of Obscurity"Hymns From The ApocryphaNov 3, 2023
"Hymns From The Apocrypha"Hymns From The ApocryphaNov 3, 2023
"Immortal Execration"Hymns From The ApocryphaNov 3, 2023
"Liege of Inveracity"Effigy of the ForgottenOct 7, 1991
"Perpetual Deception"Hymns From The ApocryphaNov 3, 2023
"Pierced from Within"Pierced From WithinMay 22, 1995
"Seraphim Enslavement"Hymns From The ApocryphaNov 3, 2023

Similar Artists to Suffocation

ArtistGenreSpotify Followers
Dying FetusMetal305,770
Malevolent CreationMetal109,524
Vital RemainsMetal106,011

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