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Resch Center Seating Charts

Resch Center - Center Stage 2 Seating Map

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Resch Center - General Admission Seating Map

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Resch Center - Generic Floor Seating Map

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Resch Center - Hardy Seating Map

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Resch Center - Indoor Football Seating Map

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Resch Center - The Judds Seating Map

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Resch Center - WWE 2 Seating Map

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About Resch Center

Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Resch Center is an arena that first opened its doors in 2002. Currently, it’s under the ownership of Brown County.

Resch Center Seating

Resch Center has a total capacity of 10,200. However, this number can vary for events with unique venue configurations. Also known as The Resch, it is an enclosed venue with a multi-surface playing surface.

Teams and Events at Resch Center

Resch Center is the home to the Green Bay Phoenix (NCAA), the Green Bay Gamblers (USHL) and the Green Bay Blizzard (IFL). The venue serves as the stage for basketball, hockey, football, concert, volleyball and wrestling events, along with the ability to host many other functions.

Getting into Resch Center

Want to ensure a smooth entry to Resch Center? We've got you covered! From security to accessibility, we've compiled all the info you need for a hassle-free arrival.

Security at Resch Center

Security at Resch Center is taken very seriously. All guests are required to go through security checks before entering the venue. Typically, security checkpoints tend to get longer as you get closer to the start time of the event. We recommend planning ahead so you don’t miss anything. Please note that Resch Center has a strict bag policy.

Resch Center Bag Policy & Prohibited Items

The bag policy at Resch Center varies depending on the type of event. For concerts or comedy shows, only a small purse is allowed, or items must be brought in a clear plastic container no larger than 12" x 12" x 6". The bag policy may differ for other events, such as sports or family shows, so please check the venue's website for your event's bag policy.

What to Bring to Resch Center

When you come to an event at Resch Center, please make sure to bring your ticket and a valid ID, especially if you want to purchase alcohol. We recommend bringing a credit or debit card and also a little cash. Because this is an indoor venue, weather is often not a factor. However, as it is climate-controlled, it might be worth bringing a light jacket just in case it gets a little chilly inside.

Is Resch Center ADA Accessible?

Resch Center is committed to providing a comfortable experience for all guests. Assistive listening is available, and so is sensory accessibility. The venue is ADA compliant, too. Typically, Resch Center has special seating and preferred entry gates for these patrons. Be sure to check the policy for your specific event for more information.

The Resch Center Experience

Your experience at Resch Center extends beyond the event itself. Discover delicious food and drinks, convenient transportation options, and more to create an unforgettable memory.

Food and Beverage at Resch Center

Plenty of concessions are available at Resch Center. Non-alcoholic beverages are served as well as alcoholic beverages including but not limited to beer, hard seltzer, mixed drinks and wine.

Payment Methods Accepted at Resch Center

Resch Center primarily operates on a cashless basis. This implies that while some vendors may still accept cash, most onsite purchases are done with digital wallets or debit and credit cards. Although Resch Center accepts most credit cards (such as Visa and Mastercard), it is prudent to carry a small amount of cash for tipping and for the few vendors that might accept it inside and outside the venue.

Is There Wi-Fi Available?

Indeed, the venue provides Wi-Fi access. We suggest connecting to the Wi-Fi network immediately upon arrival, as cellular service can sometimes be unreliable.

Can I Smoke at Resch Center?

Yes, Resch Center has designated smoking areas located throughout the venue. In these areas, cigarettes, vapes, and e-cigarettes are permitted. However, it should be noted that smoking in the seating area is generally not permitted.

How to Get to Resch Center

Resch Center is located at 820 Armed Forces Dr, Green Bay, Wisconsin, 54304. We've got you covered with all the options to get there, from public transportation to convenient rideshares.

How Early Should I Get to Resch Center?

Arrival times may vary depending on the event, but we recommend arriving at the venue about an hour before the scheduled start time. This gives you some breathing room in case of traffic congestion, parking difficulties, visits to the merchandise store, or if you want to grab some food and drinks before the event starts.

If you plan on tailgating, we recommend getting to Resch Center even earlier, so you can enjoy the full pregame experience!

Can You Tailgate at Resch Center?

Resch Center permits tailgating. However, the regulations concerning open flames, grills, and open containers can differ depending on local laws. Specific events may also have different rules, so reviewing the venue's particular guidelines is always wise when planning your tailgate. Remember that the goal is to create an enjoyable and safe environment for all event attendees.

Rideshare Drop-off and Pickup Location

At Resch Center, there are specific pick-up locations for rideshare users. You’ll find the designated pick-up spots at the curb right in front of the venue on Armed Forces Drive. Using rideshare to attend an event is a great option because it eliminates the stress of finding parking, which can often be scarce and expensive. Additionally, ridesharing promotes safety by providing reliable transportation if you plan on drinking alcohol during your visit.

Closest Bus Stop to Resch Center

For a budget-friendly option, the nearest bus stop is located at Resch Center (Gold Line).

The Resch Center is a multi-purpose arena located in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin, with seating for up to 10,200 guests. It has been a major part of the city's culture since 2002 and continues to serve as the host to countless important events each year. Green Bay is an exciting community with many attractions and activities to enjoy. From adventurous outdoor experiences to bustling entertainment establishments and unique local shops, visitors will find something new and captivating whenever they come. With its close proximity to Lake Michigan, visitors can explore nearby lighthouses, picturesque harbors, stunning shorelines, and attractive Green Bay Packers landmarks. There is also an abundance of family-friendly places, such as Heritage Hill State Park, an open-air teaching museum. The Resch Center provides world-class entertainment and a state-of-the-art sound system, making it a must-visit when you're in town. Whether you're looking for a concert, sporting event, or just a place to spend an evening out with friends, the Resch Center has something for you.

Event Dates and Pricing Information

Performer Date Price Tickets Available
Green Bay Blizzard Apr 19, 2024 From $18 88
Green Bay Blizzard Apr 26, 2024 From $50 176
Charlie Berens Apr 27, 2024 From $77 139
Carden International Circus Spectacular May 4, 2024 From $58 24
Carden International Circus Spectacular May 4, 2024 From $58 24
Carden International Circus Spectacular May 4, 2024 From $58 24
Carden International Circus Spectacular May 5, 2024 From $58 24
Carden International Circus Spectacular May 5, 2024 From $58 24
Green Bay Blizzard May 11, 2024 From $40 133
Green Bay Blizzard May 18, 2024 From $52 200