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Tickets to Pam Tillis shows are available now right here at Event Tickets Center! Many of her shows have sold out elsewhere, but not here. Event Tickets Center has a limited number of tickets available for her next several shows. Prices start at $61, but can range all the way up to $8,560. So, you need to act fast before ticket prices rise. If you are on the fence about going to see Pam Tillis live, we have conveniently laid out some of the most important information about her. Listen to some of her most popular music via the playlist below and read up on some of her background and biggest achievements. Find the event you want to attend in the event list below, so you can purchase your tickets to go see Pam Tillis live!

About Pam Tillis

Pam Tillis is a solo artist from Plant City that has reached mid-level status across the Country category. Pam Tillis has released 24 live and studio albums and 4 singles on Spotify that string all the way back to Jan 1, 1984 with her debut album titled Super Hits. Her most recent album release was Looking for a Feeling on Apr 24, 2020.

Pam Tillis' Popularity

Pam Tillis' steady growth has led to an overall artist ranking of 22,198 on Spotify in the United States. This is largely fueled by 797,006 listeners and 411,693 followers on Spotify, but she also reaches an additional 8,579,192 listeners on Spotify through playlists. Additionally, Pam Tillis has a robust following on social media with 58,864 followers on Instagram. She averages 700,904 videos on YouTube and her top video on TikTok has 16,924,916 views on the social media platform. There are also 28,755 posts on Tik Tok with Pam Tillis' tracks featured on them. Pam Tillis is most listened to in Dallas in the United States.

Pam Tillis as an Artist

You likely recognize Pam Tillis by her top tracks which include "I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair - Version w/special guests", "Maybe It Was Memphis", and "Shake The Sugar Tree". You might also listen to Pam Tillis due to her earliest albums such as Super Hits, Put Yourself In My Place, and Homeward Looking Angel, but you may have heard of her from similar artists such as The Judds, Tanya Tucker, and Terri Clark.

Pam Tillis' RIAA Awards

Pam Tillis has reached the pinnacle of any artist's career by earning an RIAA award. Her top award came on Aug 1, 2001 for her album Greatest Hits. She received a Platinum award for the album. In total, Pam Tillis has 3 Platinum albums.

Even with all of this success, her RIAA collection finishes with 2 additional Gold albums.

Pam Tillis' Appearances On Music Charts

Pam Tillis has not appeared on the Spotify Top Weekly Chart or the Apple Album Chart any time in the last year, but that's not to say she won't be making an appearance on either (or both) charts soon!

Pam Tillis Discography

AlbumRelease DateAlbum Type
Super HitsJan 1, 1984Album
Put Yourself In My PlaceJan 1, 1990Album
Homeward Looking AngelSep 29, 1992Album
Sweetheart's DanceApr 26, 1994Album
All Of This LoveNov 7, 1995Album
Every TimeMay 25, 1998Album
Super HitsMar 23, 1999Album
Thunder & RosesFeb 2, 2001Album
Country LegendsApr 8, 2002Album
It's All Relative - Tillis Sings TillisSep 3, 2002Album
Super HitsJun 18, 2004Album
Pam TillisAug 11, 2006Album
Froggy's Country Storybook Present: Golilocks and The Three BearsMar 14, 2007Album
Band in the WindowApr 3, 2007Single
Just in Time for ChristmasSep 25, 2007Album
American LegendOct 30, 2008Album
American Country - Pam TillisMay 11, 2010Album
Pam Tillis - Live in NashvilleJan 4, 2011Album
Her Crazy Life - [The Dave Cash Collection]May 9, 2011Album
Country Legend Vol. 36Oct 28, 2011Album
In Between Dances: LiveDec 10, 2011Album
Blue Rose IsJul 9, 2014Album
Come See Me and Come LonelyNov 10, 2017Album
RecollectionNov 8, 2019Album
Looking for a FeelingFeb 28, 2020Single
Looking for a FeelingApr 24, 2020Album
Christmas Time Is HereNov 24, 2022Single
Southern NightsJun 9, 2023Single

Pam Tillis Top Tracks

TrackAlbumRelease Date
"Don't Tell Me What To Do"Put Yourself In My PlaceJan 1, 1990
"I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair - Version w/special guests"The George Jones CollectionJan 1, 1999
"In Between Dances"Sweetheart's DanceApr 26, 1994
"Let That Pony Run"Homeward Looking AngelSep 29, 1992
"Maybe It Was Memphis"Put Yourself In My PlaceJan 1, 1990
"Mi Vida Loca"Sweetheart's DanceApr 26, 1994
"Same Old Train"Tribute To TraditionSep 9, 1998
"Shake The Sugar Tree"Homeward Looking AngelSep 29, 1992
"Spilled Perfume"Sweetheart's DanceApr 26, 1994
"When You Walk in the Room"Sweetheart's DanceApr 26, 1994

Pam Tillis RIAA Awards

All Of This LoveGoldNov 17, 2000
Greatest HitsPlatinumAug 1, 2001
Homeward Looking AngelPlatinumApr 5, 1995
Put Yourself In My PlaceGoldJun 16, 1992
Sweetheart's DancePlatinumApr 26, 1995

Similar Artists to Pam Tillis

ArtistGenreSpotify Followers
The JuddsCountry753,567
Tanya TuckerCountry654,255
Deana CarterCountry514,562
Patty LovelessCountry431,743
Terri ClarkCountry540,485
Neal McCoyCountry447,899
Lorrie MorganCountry413,342
Little TexasCountry493,987
Ricky Van SheltonCountry386,858

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Venue Date Price Tickets Available
Buck's Backyard Feb 24, 2024 From $92 8
Bourbon Theatre - NE Mar 27, 2024 From $74 12
The Vixen Mar 29, 2024 From $62 148
Tower Theatre - OR Apr 5, 2024 From $74 42
State Theatre for the Arts Apr 9, 2024 From $92 16
Sycuan Casino Apr 13, 2024 From $69 91
The Post OG Apr 19, 2024 From $61 314
Empire Polo Field Apr 26, 2024 From $915 256
Empire Polo Field Apr 28, 2024 From $552 31
Morton County Fairgrounds Jul 10, 2024 From $213 24