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Ministry Tickets and Information

Currently, we do not have any tickets available for Ministry. However, we expect them to announce a tour soon, and Event Tickets Center will be your place to buy tickets. In the meantime, listen to some of their most popular music via the playlist below and read up on some of their background and biggest achievements. You can also browse similar artists such as Fear Factory, Killing Joke, Helmet, and Corrosion Of Conformity and check back soon to buy Ministry tickets!

About Ministry

Ministry is a band from Chicago that has reached mid-level status across the Industrial, Metal, and Rock categories. Ministry has released 38 live and studio albums and 15 singles on Spotify that string all the way back to Jan 1, 1983 with their debut album titled With Sympathy. Their most recent album release was Moral Hygiene on Oct 1, 2021.

Ministry's Popularity

Ministry's steady growth has led to an overall artist ranking of 16,889 on Spotify in the United States. This is largely fueled by 619,241 listeners and 493,368 followers on Spotify, but they also reach an additional 13,972,005 listeners on Spotify through playlists. Additionally, Ministry has a robust following on social media with 113,454 followers on Instagram. They average 1,297,436 videos on YouTube and their top video on TikTok has 43,619,361 views on the social media platform. There are also 15,506 posts on Tik Tok with Ministry's tracks featured on them. Ministry is most listened to in Chicago in the United States.

Ministry as an Artist

You likely recognize Ministry by their top tracks which include "Jesus Built My Hotrod", "Just One Fix", and "N.W.O.". You might also listen to Ministry due to their earliest albums such as With Sympathy, Twitch, and Twelve Inch Singles, but you may have heard of them from similar artists such as White Zombie, Fear Factory, and Killing Joke.

Ministry's RIAA Awards

Ministry has reached the pinnacle of any artist's career by earning an RIAA award. Their top award came on Dec 7, 1995 for their album KE*A*H** (Psalm 69). They received a Platinum award for the album. In total, Ministry has one Platinum album.

Even with all of this success, their RIAA collection finishes with 2 additional Gold albums.

Ministry's Appearances On Music Charts

Ministry is pretty familiar with Apple's Top Album Chart, as they has featured on the United States version of the chart 1 time. Their best showing on the chart came on Jul 17, 2022. Ministry peaked as high as 151 for their album, Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed & the Way to Suck Eggs.

Ministry's Music Library

Ministry has released a total of 38 albums on Spotify and is the main or feature artist on 624 tracks. Their full discography can be found in the charts below, as well as their top 10 songs. However, some of Ministry's top albums include With Sympathy, Twitch, and Twelve Inch Singles. Their most recent album, Moral Hygiene was released on Oct 1, 2021. To supplement their albums, Ministry has released 15 singles on Spotify. Their top singles are Jesus Built My Hotrod, Bad Blood, and Thunderstruck (Made Famous by AC/DC), with their most recent single, Just Stop Oil, being released on Nov 3, 2023.

Ministry Discography

AlbumRelease DateAlbum Type
With SympathyJan 1, 1983Album
TwitchMar 12, 1986Album
Twelve Inch SinglesJan 16, 1987Album
Land of Rape and HoneyJan 1, 1988Album
The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to TasteNov 10, 1989Album
In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up (Live)Aug 31, 1990Album
Jesus Built My HotrodAug 13, 1991Single
BoxJan 1, 1992Album
KE*A*H** (Psalm 69)Jul 10, 1992Album
Filth PigJan 26, 1996Album
Dark Side of the SpoonJan 1, 1999Album
Bad BloodJul 23, 1999Single
Greatest FitsJun 19, 2001Album
Sphinctour (Live)Mar 18, 2002Album
AnimositisominaFeb 1, 2003Album
Houses of the MoléJun 21, 2004Album
RantologySep 27, 2005Album
Rio Grande BloodMay 2, 2006Album
Rio Grande Dub(ya)Jul 10, 2007Album
The Last SuckerSep 18, 2007Album
Adios… Puta MadresMar 31, 2009Album
The Last DubberSep 15, 2009Album
Thunderstruck (Made Famous by AC/DC)May 24, 2010Single
Every Day Is HalloweenAug 2, 2010Single
Every Day Is Halloween - The RemixesSep 1, 2010Album
Every Day Is Halloween - Greatest TricksSep 10, 2010Album
Psalm 69 (feat. Alberto Nirel) - SingleDec 11, 2010Single
Stigmata (Remixes)Feb 1, 2011Single
Psalm 69 (Grow Remix)Jun 5, 2011Single
99%Dec 23, 2011Single
PermaWarJan 1, 2012Single
Double TapFeb 24, 2012Single
RelapseMar 23, 2012Album
Enjoy The Quiet - Live At Wacken 2012Aug 2, 2013Album
From Beer to EternitySep 6, 2013Album
Side TraxJan 1, 2014Album
Early TraxJan 20, 2014Album
Last Tangle in Paris (Live 2012)Jul 7, 2014Album
Last Tangle in Paris (Live 2012)Jul 7, 2014Album
Twelve Inch Singles (Expanded Edition)Aug 21, 2014Album
Trax! BoxMay 18, 2015Album
Toronto 1986 (Live)Dec 4, 2015Album
Dancing Madly Backwards - SingleAug 9, 2017Single
Live NecronomiconOct 27, 2017Album
AmerikkkantMar 9, 2018Album
Jesus Built My HotrodApr 12, 2019Album
Chicago/Detroit 1982 (Live)Sep 27, 2019Album
Ich weiß es nicht (Ministry Remix)Oct 18, 2019Single
Alert Level (Quarantined Mix)Apr 24, 2020Single
Everyday (Is Halloween) - The Lost MixesOct 30, 2020Album
Moral HygieneOct 1, 2021Album
Goddamn White TrashAug 17, 2023Single
Just Stop OilNov 3, 2023Single

Ministry Top Tracks

TrackAlbumRelease Date
"Effigy (I'm Not An)"With SympathyJan 1, 1983
"Everyday Is Like Halloween"Twelve Inch SinglesJan 16, 1987
"Goddamn White Trash"Goddamn White TrashAug 17, 2023
"Jesus Built My Hotrod"KE*A*H** (Psalm 69)Jul 10, 1992
"Just One Fix"KE*A*H** (Psalm 69)Jul 10, 1992
"Lay Lady Lay"Filth PigJan 26, 1996
"N.W.O."KE*A*H** (Psalm 69)Jul 10, 1992
"Revenge"With SympathyJan 1, 1983
"Thieves"The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to TasteNov 10, 1989
"Thunderstruck (Electro Remix)"Very Best of Fixes & RemixesNov 9, 2011

Ministry RIAA Awards

KE*A*H** (Psalm 69)PlatinumDec 7, 1995
Land Of Rape and Honey (US Release)GoldJan 18, 1996
The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To TasteGoldDec 7, 1995

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Meet Ministry

Ministry is an industrial metal band who pioneered the genre during the 1980s. They achieved mainstream success with their three studio albums in the 1980s and 1990s, two of which were certified gold and the third certified platinum. After 27 years of recording and performing, the band announced it was breaking up in 2008. They reunited in 2011 and announced the release their first studio album in five years AmeriKKKant, in 2018.