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In Flames Tickets and Information

Currently, we do not have any tickets available for In Flames. However, we expect them to announce a tour soon, and Event Tickets Center will be your place to buy tickets. In the meantime, listen to some of their most popular music via the playlist below and read up on some of their background and biggest achievements. You can also browse similar artists such as Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Machine Head, Parkway Drive, and Amon Amarth and check back soon to buy In Flames tickets!

Who is In Flames?

In Flames is a band that has reached mainstream status across the Metal, Rock, and Alternative categories. In Flames has released 19 live and studio albums and 19 singles on Spotify that string all the way back to Apr 1, 1994 with their debut album titled Lunar Strain. Their most recent album release was Foregone on Feb 10, 2023.

In Flames' Popularity

In Flames' steady status has led to an overall artist ranking of 3,361 on Spotify in the United States. They have become well known for their exciting shows and entertaining performances which has built a robust following. This is largely fueled by over 2,000,000 listeners and more than 1,000,000 followers on Spotify, but they also reach an additional tens of millions of listeners on Spotify through playlists. Additionally, In Flames has a robust following on social media with over 300,000 followers on Instagram. They average more than 3,000,000 videos on YouTube and their top video on TikTok has tens of millions of views on the social media platform. There are also about 9,000 posts on Tik Tok with In Flames' tracks featured on them. When you attend your next In Flames show, it will be easy to see why they has built such a large following.

In Flames as an Artist

You likely recognize In Flames by their top tracks which include "Only for the Weak", "Meet Your Maker", and "I Am Above". You might also listen to In Flames due to their earliest albums such as Lunar Strain, Subterranean, and The Jester Race (Black Ash-Inheritance Version), but you may have heard of them from similar artists such as Killswitch Engage, Trivium, and Machine Head.

In Flames' Music Library

In Flames has released a total of 19 albums on Spotify and is the main or feature artist on 488 tracks. Their full discography can be found in the charts below, as well as their top 10 songs. However, when you attend a In Flames show, you're sure to hear more than a few of their big hits from their top albums which include Lunar Strain, Subterranean, and The Jester Race (Black Ash-Inheritance Version). Their most recent album, Foregone was released on Feb 10, 2023. To supplement their albums, In Flames has released 19 singles on Spotify. Their top singles, which will more than likely be included in their setlists, are Rusted Nail, Through Oblivion, and Everything's Gone, with their most recent single, The Golden Trail, being released on May 12, 2023.

In Flames Discography

AlbumRelease DateAlbum Type
Lunar StrainApr 1, 1994Album
SubterraneanJun 15, 1995Album
The Jester Race (Black Ash-Inheritance Version)Feb 20, 1996Album
WhoracleOct 27, 1997Album
ColonyMay 31, 1999Album
ClaymanJul 3, 2000Album
The Tokyo Showdown (Live in Japan 2000)Sep 4, 2001Album
Reroute To RemainSep 3, 2002Album
Soundtrack to Your Escape (The Quiet Place Version)Jan 1, 2004Album
Used and Abused (In Live We Trust)Jun 18, 2005Album
Come ClarityFeb 3, 2006Album
A Sense of Purpose (The Mirror's Truth Version)Apr 4, 2008Album
Sounds Of A Playground FadingJun 15, 2011Album
Rusted NailJun 13, 2014Single
Through OblivionAug 15, 2014Single
Everything's GoneAug 19, 2014Single
Siren CharmsSep 5, 2014Album
The TruthAug 26, 2016Single
The EndAug 26, 2016Single
Through My EyesOct 14, 2016Single
Save MeNov 4, 2016Single
BattlesNov 11, 2016Album
Down, Wicked & No GoodJan 12, 2018Single
I Am AboveDec 14, 2018Single
(This Is Our) HouseDec 14, 2018Single
I, The MaskJan 11, 2019Single
BurnFeb 8, 2019Single
I, The MaskMar 1, 2019Album
I, The Mask (Arcade Version)Mar 6, 2020Album
Clayman (Re-Recorded)Jun 5, 2020Single
Clayman 2020Jul 24, 2020Single
Clayman (20th Anniversary Edition)Aug 28, 2020Album
State Of Slow DecayJun 13, 2022Single
The Great DeceiverAug 1, 2022Single
Meet Your MakerJan 16, 2023Single
ForegoneFeb 10, 2023Album
The Golden Trail (feat. Anders Fridén of In Flames)May 12, 2023Single
The Golden TrailMay 12, 2023Single

In Flames Top Tracks

TrackAlbumRelease Date
"Cloud Connected"Reroute To RemainSep 3, 2002
"Deliver Us"Sounds Of A Playground FadingJun 15, 2011
"Foregone, Pt. 2"ForegoneFeb 10, 2023
"I Am Above"I, The MaskMar 1, 2019
"Meet Your Maker"ForegoneFeb 10, 2023
"Only for the Weak"ClaymanJul 3, 2000
"State of Slow Decay"ForegoneFeb 10, 2023
"Take This Life"Come ClarityFeb 3, 2006
"The Jester's Dance"The Jester Race (Black Ash-Inheritance Version)Feb 20, 1996
"The Quiet Place"Soundtrack to Your Escape (The Quiet Place Version)Jan 1, 2004

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Meet In Flames

In Flames is a Swedish heavy metal band that have released ten studio albums and one live DVD. In Flames has sold over 5 million records worldwide as of 2008.

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