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The William B. Finneran Pavilion at Villanova University is a beloved landmark on campus with a long-standing history. First opened in 1986, the Pavilion has hosted a variety of events over the years, from basketball games and concerts held by alumni bands to spiritual retreats and lectures. With its seating capacity of 6,500 people, it has become an integral part of the University's community life. Over the years, the venue has been upgraded to increase its capacity for larger events; despite this expansion, it still maintains its cozy atmosphere that resonates with Villanova family values.

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The William B. Finneran Pavilion is a spectacular entertainment venue that offers a perfect blend of old and new--with its recognizable hyperbolic paraboloid roofline and 23,016 square feet of the arena floor, it offers a unique atmosphere to see some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment. Villanova Wildcat basketball fans will certainly feel right at home when they attend an event at Finneran Pavilion!