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Radford is home to the impressive Dedmon Center, a multi-purpose arena that can seat up to 3,800 viewers. Established in 1965, the center has been representing and supporting Radford for over five decades. With more than 11 thousand square feet devoted to classrooms and meeting rooms, along with a theater class that can hold up to 1,700 people at any given time - it’s no wonder why the Dedmon Center is one of the most popular locations on campus. It hosts everything from musical performances and basketball games to lectures and trade shows.

The Dedmon Center offers educational opportunities through lectures and interactive workshops as well as social events such as festivals and concerts. Students also have access to state-of-the-art sports facilities including basketball courts, racquetball courts, weight rooms, dance studios, swimming pools, and more! Whether you are looking for an opportunity to learn or just want some fun - the Dedmon Center provides it all!

Not sure what there is to do or see in the area? Radford has a lot to offer! This charming town is nestled at the base of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and boasts a wide variety of dining and entertainment options, such as restaurants, bars, and cafes. Nature lovers can take advantage of the nearby national forests for hiking, camping, and fishing. For added fun, check out historic sites like Wildwood Park or explore local history on a guided tour at one of our downtown museums. Radford also offers plenty more shopping opportunities with big-box stores lining Main Street as well as small mom-and-pop shops scattered throughout town. There’s also no lack of culture here; visit historic art galleries full of local artwork or attend some live music events at any number of venues around town. Yearly festivals pop up throughout the season, bringing together an array of good food and amazing performances celebrating various cultures within.

The Dedmon Center is a must-visit venue for any fan of college basketball in the Radford area. With its amazing facilities, up-to-date sound and lighting systems, and rich history providing the backdrop, any event held here is sure to be memorable. From the Big Southern Conference tournament final to games from the Radford University Highlanders team - don't miss out on your chance to spend an evening at the iconic Dedmon Center!