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Everything You Need to Know About Music Festivals

Emily Vaughn | January 20, 2023
Everything You Need to Know About Music Festivals

You've finally decided you want to try out music festivals. Whether it's because a few of your favorite bands are in the festival lineup, your friends invited you, or you've heard about people's wonderful experiences while attending one, it's always great to be prepared. Event Tickets Center is here to answer some of the more common questions about attending music festivals.

What to wear at a music festival?

More often than not, festivals happen in the summer, especially in outdoor locations. In those instances, it's best to dress for warm weather; whether it's a tank top, shorts, and sturdy sandals, or a lightweight t-shirt, skirt, and sneakers make sure to also pack good head and eyewear to give you shade in the sunny areas. The same advice goes if the festival is in the wintertime; dress according to the weather. So, make sure to wrap up in a warm jacket, sweater, or whatever have you. Whatever the season, be prepared to be standing for lengths at a time, so wear comfortable shoes that you wouldn't mind wandering around in for hours at a time.

What to bring to a music festival?

This will vary depending on the music festival, what they allow into the event itself, and other factors. Regardless of the season, the following items will likely be universally useful:

    -Earplugs (to protect your ears from the loud speakers)

    -Chair/blanket (in the time between sets, it's always nice to have something to sit on).

    -Comfortable shoes (as pretty or cool heels and other footwear can be, spare yourself the possible sprained ankles and uncomfortable fit so you can fully enjoy the various performers).

    -Backpack/small bag for essentials (just make sure the bag fits the standard/rules of the music festival/festival grounds).

    -Cooler (in the case outside food is allowed at the festival).

    -Plenty of water (it's important to stay hydrated, even in the winter months).

You may also find keeping sunscreen useful regardless of season, but especially in the summer, when you're more likely to need sun protection. As accidents can happen, a change of clothes can be handy. Other items you may find useful are portable chargers for electronic devices that need them.

What are the most famous music festivals?

When looking for music fests, it's hard to miss Coachella (which occurs annually, approx. in April) in California amongst the top listed. However, there are dozens to choose from to attend that appeal to nearly every genre of music, from country to hip-hop and even jazz. If you're more into electronic dance music, Electric Daisy Carnival (commonly known as EDC) is a popular one. Other festivals include more well-known bands in the pop and rock genres, such as Bonnaroo (annually, approx. July in Tennessee) and Lollapalooza (annually, approx. August in Illinois). Others offer lineups with indie and popular bands alike, such as Shaky Knees or SXSW (which occurs annually, approx. in March in Texas). With over 50 music festivals worldwide to attend, you won't be left wanting for options.

Do I have to camp out at music festivals?

Most festival grounds will let you know if it also requires camping out. You certainly don't have to, but if you opt to, there are usually designated camping areas where available. If you plan on camping out at the festival, make sure to bring appropriate camping and emergency supplies, especially according to the duration you plan on staying for the event. However, if you plan on staying offsite, such as at a hotel or friend's place, make sure to account for traffic, entrance lines, and other factors in getting to the event.

As with any event you attend, it's always good to plan your time wisely. Most music festivals are multi-day, multistage events. You'll also want to plan and/or budget for meals at or around the event; festivals will likely offer food options for convenience, but it can be fun to sample local cuisine in the city the festival is located in. Whether you go for one day, for one band, or for every band you can every day, make sure to stay safe and have fun. And don't forget to csnag your music festival tickets here!

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