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Tickets to Blackhawk shows are available now right here at Event Tickets Center! Many of their shows have sold out elsewhere, but not here. Event Tickets Center has a limited number of tickets available for their next several shows. Prices start at $45, but can range all the way up to $427. So, you need to act fast before ticket prices rise. If you are on the fence about going to see Blackhawk live, we have conveniently laid out some of the most important information about them. Listen to some of their most popular music via the playlist below and read up on some of their background and biggest achievements. Find the event you want to attend in the event list below, so you can purchase your tickets to go see Blackhawk live!

About BlackHawk

BlackHawk is a band from Nashville that has reached mid-level status across the Country category. BlackHawk has released 11 live and studio albums and 8 singles on Spotify that string all the way back to Jan 1, 1994 with their debut album titled Blackhawk. Their most recent album release was Blue Highway on Jun 24, 2022.

BlackHawk's Popularity

BlackHawk's steady growth has led to an overall artist ranking of 33,460 on Spotify in the United States. This is largely fueled by 278,504 listeners and 260,227 followers on Spotify, but they also reach an additional 1,568,682 listeners on Spotify through playlists. They average 866,847 videos on YouTube and their top video on TikTok has 10,133,736 views on the social media platform. There are also 11,580 posts on Tik Tok with BlackHawk's tracks featured on them. BlackHawk is most listened to in Minneapolis in the United States.

BlackHawk as an Artist

You likely recognize BlackHawk by their top tracks which include "Goodbye Says It All", "Every Once In a While", and "I'm Not Strong Enough to Say No". You might also listen to BlackHawk due to their earliest albums such as Blackhawk, Love & Gravity, and The Sky's The Limit, but you may have heard of them from similar artists such as Sawyer Brown, Little Texas, and Shenandoah.

BlackHawk's RIAA Awards

BlackHawk has reached the pinnacle of any artist's career by earning an RIAA award. Their top award came on Jul 24, 1996 for their album Blackhawk. They received a Multi-Platinum award for the album. In total, BlackHawk has one Multi-Platinum album.

Even with all of this success, their RIAA collection finishes with one additional Gold album.

BlackHawk's Appearances On Music Charts

BlackHawk has not appeared on the Spotify Top Weekly Chart or the Apple Album Chart any time in the last year, but that's not to say they won't be making an appearance on either (or both) charts soon!

BlackHawk's Music Library

BlackHawk has released a total of 11 albums on Spotify and is the main or feature artist on 191 tracks. Their full discography can be found in the charts below, as well as their top 10 songs. However, some of BlackHawk's top albums include Blackhawk, Love & Gravity, and The Sky's The Limit. Their most recent album, Blue Highway was released on Jun 24, 2022. To supplement their albums, BlackHawk has released 8 singles on Spotify. Their top singles are Blackhawk, The Very Best Of, and Goodbye Says It All, with their most recent single, Blue Highway, being released on May 20, 2022.

BlackHawk Discography

AlbumRelease DateAlbum Type
BlackhawkJan 1, 1994Album
Love & GravityJan 1, 1997Album
The Sky's The LimitFeb 11, 1998Album
Spirit DancerJan 1, 2002Album
BlackhawkMar 3, 2009Single
Greatest Hits LiveJul 1, 2010Album
The Very Best OfJul 1, 2012Single
Goodbye Says It AllJul 2, 2014Single
Brothers of the Southland (Special Edition)Jul 8, 2014Album
Brothers of the SouthlandJul 8, 2014Album
Strong Enough (Expanded Edition)Jul 8, 2016Album
Silent NightOct 4, 2019Single
The Spirit of ChristmasOct 18, 2019Album
มากับเพื่อนกูAug 31, 2020Single
That's Just About Right (Live)Oct 30, 2020Single
Just About Right: Live from AtlantaNov 13, 2020Album
Baby the Rain Must FallApr 22, 2022Single
Blue HighwayMay 20, 2022Single
Blue HighwayJun 24, 2022Album

BlackHawk Top Tracks

TrackAlbumRelease Date
"Almost a Memory Now"Strong Enough (Expanded Edition)Jul 8, 2016
"Big Guitar"Strong Enough (Expanded Edition)Jul 8, 2016
"Every Once In a While"BlackhawkJan 1, 1994
"Goodbye Says It All"BlackhawkJan 1, 1994
"I Sure Can Smell the Rain"BlackhawkJan 1, 1994
"I'm Not Strong Enough to Say No"Strong Enough (Expanded Edition)Jul 8, 2016
"Like There Ain't No Yesterday"Strong Enough (Expanded Edition)Jul 8, 2016
"Ships Of Heaven"Greatest HitsMay 8, 2000
"That's Just About Right"BlackhawkJan 1, 1994
"There You Have It"The Sky's The LimitFeb 11, 1998

BlackHawk RIAA Awards

BlackhawkMulti-PlatinumJul 24, 1996
Strong Enough (Bonus Track Version)GoldNov 14, 1995

Similar Artists to BlackHawk

ArtistGenreSpotify Followers
Sawyer BrownCountry558,194
Neal McCoyCountry450,349
Restless HeartCountry242,803
Rhett AkinsCountry214,583
Little TexasCountry497,168
Doug StoneCountry203,652
Daryle SingletaryCountry234,620
Billy DeanCountry127,361
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Listen to some of the biggest hits from Blackhawk

Event Dates and Pricing Information

Venue Date Price Tickets Available
Meyer Theatre - WI Mar 8, 2024 From $214 3
Union Colony Civic Center - Monfort Concert Hall Mar 13, 2024 From $99 21
Starlight Ranch Apr 20, 2024 From $110 30
Blue Gate Performing Arts Center May 10, 2024 From $45 132
Canyon Club - Agoura Hills May 23, 2024 From $64 570
Coach House - Capistrano May 26, 2024 From $83 16
Juab County Fairgrounds Jun 22, 2024 From $74 68
Country Jam USA - WI Jul 18, 2024 From $341 40
Clay's Park Resort Aug 10, 2024 From $209 16