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The Bedell Performance Hall at Southeast Missouri State University is a world-class event venue located in Cape Girardeau. It boasts state-of-the-art technology, stunning architecture, and incredible acoustics, making it perfect for a wide variety of events, from music concerts to lectures and seminars. It has been a cornerstone of the local entertainment scene since 1965, hosting performances by local and traveling artists all year. Spanning over 6000 square feet, the hall is designed to create an ideal acoustical performance environment, with large windows for plenty of natural light during the day or dimly-lit performances at night. It is sure to keep Cape Girardeau locals entertained for many years to come! Cape Girardeau is a modern growing city located near the southeastern Missouri-Illinois border, with historic roots. Explore its cobbled streets and red brick buildings in the Downtown Historic District, and enjoy lunch or dinner at one of the local restaurants. There are also plenty of attractions to explore, from quaint farmers' markets and boutique shops to vibrant art galleries and clubs offering live music. Outdoor enthusiasts will be thrilled by a visit to Trail of Tears State Park, with miles of trails for biking, horseback riding, and walking. The Mississippi River also offers plenty for sightseers, including riverboat cruises and fishing. The Bedell Performance Hall is a great opportunity to see talented and creative college students take the stage! Catch some amazing live performances, from opera and classical music to student-written plays. Be sure to visit the Bedell Performance Hall; you won't regret

Event Dates and Pricing Information

Performer Date Price Tickets Available
Southeast Symphony Orchestra Mar 5, 2024 From $49 76
The Wizard Of Oz Apr 10, 2024 From $40 181
The Wizard Of Oz Apr 11, 2024 From $40 150
The Wizard Of Oz Apr 12, 2024 From $49 130
The Wizard Of Oz Apr 13, 2024 From $49 119
The Wizard Of Oz Apr 13, 2024 From $49 131
The Wizard Of Oz Apr 14, 2024 From $49 139
Southeast Symphony Orchestra Apr 23, 2024 From $49 86