Atlanta Motor Speedway - Hampton, GA

The Atlanta Motor Speedway is located in Hampton Georgia, 20 miles south of Atlanta. This speedway has been open since 1960, and was known as the Atlanta International Raceway in the past. The Atlanta Motor Speedway hosts many events year in and year out, that draw in thousands of fans.

One of the biggest draws of the Atlanta Motor Speedway is its size seating capacity. The speedway can sit up to 125,00 people, making it one of the larger speedways in the country.

All in all, the Atlanta Motor Speedway has a lot to offer. It is safe to say that the Atlanta Motor Speedway is one of the premier NASCAR venues. Any fan who has the chance to see a race at this venue should take advantage right away. It is an experience that you will never forget.

Useful Event Info
Venue Address:
1500 Tara Place, Hampton, GA
History & Traditions:
Date/Year Built/Opened:
Track Shape:
Former Names:
Atlanta International Raceway
Track Length:
1.54 miles (2.48 km)