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What to Expect When Attending a UFC Fight

Emily Vaughn | January 27, 2023
What to Expect When Attending a UFC Fight

Are you more of the tough type? Want the thrill of an action-adventure movie in real life? Look no further than UFC fights. For the sports and action people in your life, UFC fights are a global phenomenon that can be seen in person, or from the comforts of your own home television. Here, we'll be answering some questions you might find useful.

How much are UFC Tickets?

The average cost is approximately $60-$200 (and in some cases, upwards of $300-$500), depending on the event, where the seats are if you get a VIP experience, or even how highly anticipated the event itself is.

When do UFC tickets go on sale?

Tickets are generally released a few months prior to the event date. You can find tickets to upcoming matches on our site here.

How to watch UFC Fights?

There are two starkly different ways to watch a UFC fight: in person at the venue the event is taking place at, or on live TV. Seeing it live is a rare experience, where you get to see the action in real-time, and even experience it with friends, family, or whomever you prefer. Essentially, if you can make it in person, it's highly recommended.

Should you decide to watch it on television instead, there are a few different options available. By purchasing the Disney Plus Bundle, you'll also get access to ESPN Plus and Hulu. From there, you can access UFC Fights via Pay-Per-View on ESPN Plus.

Alternatively, a Fight Pass is available to stream every event. With two subscription options, you get access to live events, original programs, and access to fight libraries. However, Pay-Per-View is sold on a standalone basis until a few months have passed after the first airing, and then they're available with the UFC Fight Pass.

As a third option, some bars and restaurants will show UFC events. The run time for these will vary, as the preliminary cards may not be shown, but you can find locations that will air/host UFC Events on the UFC website, as well as through Joe Hand Promotions.

How long do UFC fights last?

A full UFC event has a few different components that make up the overall fight. There is a preliminary card of about 8 fights, then a main card of fights which typically consists of 5 fights. Fights can last a maximum of 3 rounds or 5 rounds of 5 minutes but can end with a knockout or submission within seconds. In total, a full UFC Event can last up to 6 hours. With this time frame, plus the price of food in arena venues typically used for UFC fights, make sure to plan ahead of time if you want to eat before or after the fight. Double check with the venue, too, regarding bag regulations and allowance of outside food and drink, as there may be bag checks for these types of events, and we certainly don't want to have to ditch the bag when you're trying to get into the venue.

What time do UFC events typically start?

Typically, fights will start at 6:30 p.m., but this can ultimately vary based on venue/location, fighter, etc. Be prepared for it to be a long night, as mentioned previously, these fights can last upwards of 6 hours, so make sure you're well-rested before encroaching.

What sports are similar to UFC?

There are a handful of sports that are similar to UFC fighting that you can see live and in person like other MMA fights, boxing and WWE wrestling, and we've got the tickets you need to experience them all!

Whether you watch at home or in person, there are wonderful options available for every kind of viewer, from Fight Night players, to MMA fans, and to the average Ultimate Fighter Championship enthusiast. But if you're ready to experience the thrill of the fight live and in person, don't forget to snag your tickets here first!

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