Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain - Scranton, PA

Toyota Pavilion is located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and has been open for business since 1999. With a relatively young age, it is easy to see why Toyota Pavilion has so much to offer both fans and performers. The official name of the venue is Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain; even though most do not use this longer version of the name.

The seating capacity of Toyota Pavilion is approximately 18,000. This includes 10,500 seats on the lawn, and another 7,000 or so under the pavilion. For an outdoor venue in a smaller city, Toyota Pavilion has quite a bit to offer. Most venues like Toyota Pavilion located in smaller cities are not nearly as big. But with that being said, they do not have any problems attracting fans and talent each summer concert season.

Many great names in music, such as Dave Matthews Band, have taken the stage at Toyota Pavilion. It is safe to say that this is going to hold true for many more years to come.

Overall, Toyota Pavilion has quite a bit to offer. If you are ever in Scranton, you should consider seeing a concert at Toyota Pavilion. With a wide range of musical performers visiting the venue each summer, it is easy to find a concert that suits

Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain Concert Ticket and Venue Information:

What is the capacity of Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain?
What was Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain named before?
Coors Light Amphitheatre

Ford Pavilion

Toyota Pavilion
When did Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain open?
Useful Event Info
Venue Address:
1000 Montage Mountain Rd, Moosic, PA
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