Where people buy tickets to Wrigley Field

After winning their first World Series in 108 years, the Chicago Cubs are as popular as ever. Their national appeal is proven by Game 7 of the World Series drawing the most TV viewers of any World Series game in the last 25 years. Much of that is no doubt due to the Chicagoland area, but you don’t draw 40 million viewers because you’re popular in one city. So we thought we’d study Wrigley Field ticket sales data to find the cities outside Chicago where the defending champions are most popular.

We split our look between two categories: Part one is a look at other cities with a major league team. Part two, which we’ll publish later this week, looks at non-MLB cities.

Cubs tickets from other MLB cities

Being the largest metro areas in the country helps New York and Los Angeles top the list. But they also each have two big league teams, which leads to more baseball fans. Los Angeles got a boost from the Angels playing an interleague series in Wrigley last year and the budding rivalry between the Cubs and Dodgers.

The Cubs’ ongoing rivalry with the St. Louis Cardinals means legions of red bird fans are making the trip to Wrigley Field every season, putting St. Louis in third. Minneapolis ranks fourth, thanks in large part to Chicago being a popular weekend vacation destination for Minnesotans.

Another NL Central rival city ranks fifth: Cincinnati. It’s followed by the two Texas MLB markets of Dallas and Houston, then Phoenix, nearby Milwaukee and Kansas City. San Francisco juuuuust missed out on making the top 10 list, coming up 2 percent short of the number of Royals fans heading to Chicago.

What can we take from the top 10 list?

  • Rivalries with St. Louis and Cincinnati help draw Cubs, Cardinals and Reds fans from those cities to Wrigley Field.
  • Cubs fans in Minnesota, Milwaukee and Kansas City see a trip to Wrigley as a great weekend destination.
  • Interleague play propelled fans to visit from Dallas and Los Angeles, as did the Dodgers and Cubs dueling in October. (In fact, this year the Cubs open Wrigley Field against the Dodgers.)


Cubs 2017 home schedule

The Cubs 2017 home schedule could make this year’s list look much different. Expect Tampa Bay to make a push as the Rays visit Wrigley for a July 4 interleague series. Fans from north of the border may also flock to Chicago when the Toronto Blue Jays make their first visit since 2005. With just one Dodgers series at Wrigley Field and no Angels visit, LA’s spot at number two is a tenuous one.

For a complete look at the 2017 Chicago Cubs schedule, including every home and road game, visit our special Chicago Cubs ticket page. You can also find tickets and schedules for every Major League Baseball team in the MLB section of Event Tickets Center.

Check back later this week as we reveal some surprising results showing what cities have adopted the Cubs as their hometown team.