Taking the young ones to their first Disney on Ice experience? Get ready for a whimsical adventure that certainly lives up to the hype. But before you solidify your plans, here are a few tips that will lead to an optimal experience you’re sure to never forget (for all the right reasons).

Dress for the occasion

It’s an adorable tradition for children to dress as their favorite Disney characters. It adds to the excitement and atmosphere — and what kid doesn’t want an excuse to dress up as a Disney star. Just be sure to layer underneath with warm clothing. It will leave the children feeling festive, without feeling frosty if the arena has to keep the ice cool. This could mean buying Cinderella costumes a size or two larger than normal. And it’d likely be wise to trade in the glass slippers for a pair of toasty boots. In the midst of the show, you and the young ones will be thankful you made the right choice.

Study the character guide

Few things could ruin a trip to Disney on Ice more than not seeing your favorite character. To help make sure you see the right show, we put together a guide to which characters appear in which shows.

Scope out the bathroom scene

This might seem counterintuitive, but anyone with kids knows that sometimes a dash to the bathroom can take a good amount of time. Finding a spot near the exit to the bathroom is not only convenient, it’ll also help you and your family enjoy the most time possible taking in the Disney show.

Plan a pre-show meal

Snacks purchased at the show can be expensive — and not exactly healthy. To avoid spending a hefty price on sugar-loaded treats, head out with the family before the show for a filling meal! Just be sure to make reservations and leave plenty of time to make it to the show before it’s set to begin.

Set expectations

There’s plenty to see and buy at Disney on Ice. And if your kids are like most, they’ll want it all. Setting expectations (whether it be one treat, one toy or none at all) before heading to the show could help alleviate the overwhelming experience.

Parents, pack a bag

Disney on Ice shows last roughly two hours, and some are scheduled later in the evening. Be prepared for sleepy kids with a bag that includes blankets, snacks and any other must-have item for kids to stay comfortable and content.

Interested in Disney on Ice tickets? The link goes to our dedicated page for every Disney on Ice tour – have a great experience!