Mobile Ticket Search

If you’re ready to plan your night out with friends, or if you’re already out and want to find something to do last-minute, the fastest way to find tickets is through our mobile apps. Available on iOS and Android, our mobile apps make it easy to search for your favorite events and what’s happening near you.

In our iOS app, the search bar is right at the top of the screen, simply tap it to bring up the keyboard and start typing your search. If Android is more your flavor, tap the magnifying glass icon and the search bar will be right at your fingertips. Then the fun begins: You can search by team, date, location, venue and more.

Search by sports league or team

Tickets for every team and league available in our site can be accesses through the apps’ search function. Teams in the four “major” sports leagues – NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL — plus NASCAR, UFC, IndyCar Racing and many more are all just a tap and a search away.

How to search deals on Cowboys tickets

Bonus tip: You can combine the team you’re looking for with the date you want to see them play for narrower results:

Search by band, singer and genre

When you’ve just got to find where your favorite artist is playing next or the best rock concert for a Friday night, the apps make it easy. Just like you can search for teams and sports, Event Tickets Center apps make it easy to search by band, artist and musical genre.

Bonus tip: Add your city to find out what’s going on around you that day:

What if you’re trying to plan a vacation and you want to see what’s going on in your favorite getaway destination? The Event Tickets Center apps make it easy: Just type in the artist or band you’re looking for along with the city or state your traveling to:

Search for tickets by city and date

Whether you’re planning your weekend or looking for something spur of the moment, searching for tickets by city is easy. To narrow your results even further, add a date or day of the week:

THIS IS COOL: Search by zip code to find ultra-specific results. This is especially useful in large cities. For example, if you’re staying in downtown Chicago and you want to see what’s happening within walking distance of your hotel, do a search for 60611. You’ll find events happening near by, but it will remove things at the United Center or other entertainment venues outside the immediate area.

Search by venue

There are some places you want to experience and it doesn’t even matter who’s playing or what you’ll see. Think of places like Wrigley Field, the Hollywood Bowl or Madison Square Garden. You can find tickets for events at any venue by typing its name into the search field in the mobile apps:

Find events by day and date

Picture: It’s Thursday night. The in-laws just called, they want to drop in for a last-minute visit this weekend and you need a reason to be out of the house.

Okay, some people have awesome in-laws, but if you’re ever looking for something fun to do on a specific date or day of the week the apps make it easy for you. Type in your city and the date or day of the week for everything that’s happening nearby:

How to search for family events

If your kids are more into Monster Jam than basketball or they want to see their favorite Disney characters come to live, finding family events through the Event Tickets Center app is a breeze:

Ready to find the tickets you’re looking for? Start searching Event Tickets Center now!