Wrigley Field Cubs Tickets

Reigning world champions draw big ticket sales from surprising locations, based on ticket sales in the resale market

ORLANDO, Fla. – With the reigning World Champion Chicago Cubs off to a strong 5-2 start heading into tonight’s home game against the Dodgers, recent data uncovers the cities outside of Chicago that have the most fans buying tickets to catch games at Wrigley Field.

While the upper Midwest has a stronghold on the Top 10 Cubs fan markets, the team is clearly a draw across the country. The Cubs generate significant home game ticket sales to fans as far away as San Antonio, Louisville and Las Vegas, which are among the top cities for die hard Cubs fanatics.

The online ticket marketplace Event Tickets Center compiled the rankings by measuring the number of Cubs tickets sold to fans outside the Chicagoland area throughout their championship season in 2016.

The Top 10 Cities Claiming the Cubs as Their Own

1.    Omaha, Neb.
2.    Indianapolis, Ind.
3.    Fort Wayne, ind.
4.    Louisville, Ky.
5.    San Antonio, Texas
6.    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
7.    Davenport, Iowa
8.    Grand Rapids, Mich.
9.    Valparaiso, Ind.
10.    Las Vegas, Nev.

“Looking at where ticket buyers come from reveals just how deep the passion is among Cubs fans across the country,” said Adam Young, CEO of Event Tickets Center.

“When someone buys a ticket, they’re committing to travel with their friends or family, and that’s a stronger signal of how passionate Cubs fans are than apparel sales or even TV viewers,” Young added.

Beyond the Midwest, the national reach of Cubs fandom is even more apparent. Cities as far apart as Charlotte, N.C, Daytona Beach, Fla., Portland, Ore, and Albuquerque, N.M. all land in the top 30 cities based on the number of fans in each city buying tickets to see the Cubs at Wrigley Field.

“With the Cubs, the national reach is just incredible. Beyond the top 10, we see people from Florida, upstate New York and everywhere in between who buy tickets and make the trip to Wrigley,” Young said.