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Year in Review: The 15 Top-Selling Events

Each week, tickets for hundreds of different games, shows and concerts are sold. Ever wonder what the most popular events are? Which NFL team brings out the most fans on...

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Which Genre of Music Is the Hottest? We’ve Got the Numbers

Music lovers, we’re here to settle an argument. You’ve surely had the debate with your friends: Which music genre is on top these days — pop, rock and roll, or...

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The Psychology Behind Experiencing Happy Events: How the Gift of Tickets Can Bring Lasting Joy

Remember the feeling you had as a kid during Christmastime? The months of anticipation, warm family gatherings and familiar traditions made the whole season just as exciting as the day...

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Critic Bob Lefsetz on the Changing Nature of Live Music

With experience as an entertainment attorney and record label consultant, Bob Lefsetz knows the music industry from the inside out. He’s been writing the Lefsetz Letter, a music analysis newsletter...

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Beyonce singing

Beyoncé vs. JAY-Z: Who Sold More Tickets?

What happens when two musical superpowers, who also happen to be married, go head-to-head in the world of music? Accusations, confessions, competition and … twins. Let’s look at the past...

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5 Tips For Attending an Event at an Outdoor Venue

From amphitheaters to arenas, there are plenty of venues where you can attend concerts and sporting events in the great outdoors. These spots are often extra scenic, but they do...

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Broadway Etiquette: Veteran Tips for Seeing a Show

Located in midtown Manhattan, Broadway is home to dozens of professional theaters that have lured millions of fans from around the globe. With a wide range of plays and musicals...

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How To Find Great Tickets, Fast

Looking for a fun night out? Trying to plan an upcoming vacation? We’re often asked to share our secrets for finding tickets that we’ve learned through more than a decade...

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Mobile Ticket Search

How To Find Tickets On The Go

If you’re ready to plan your night out with friends, or if you’re already out and want to find something to do last-minute, the fastest way to find tickets is...

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Event Tickets Center is a trusted online tickets marketplace.

What Is Event Tickets Center? We’re Glad You Asked!

One of the things we get asked most often is, “What is Event Tickets Center?” It’s a question we love to answer because it gives us a chance to talk...

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