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Skip Opening Day To Save $$$ On Tickets

Adam Young | March 29, 2017
Save money on tickets.
Let’s be real: Opening Day of the baseball season should be a national holiday. No one wants to work, everyone’s thinking about baseball and we’d all rather be sitting in the sun watching the game. It’s the best. We even built a guide for how you can make the most out of the day.

But we have a secret to share with you:

You can save a ton of money if you wait and go to game two.

Across baseball in 2016, the average ticket price for the second home game of the season was 57 percent less than for the home opener. That equates to an average savings of almost $71 per ticket! The biggest differences were in Kansas City, Texas, St. Louis, Dodger Stadium and Citi Field. Kansas City was a given they had just won World Series. Even teams that saw the smallest drop off after the opener were still great deals. Fans of the Phillies, Angels and Padres all saved at least 30 percent off the average ticket price by waiting to attend game two.

How do things look for 2017?

The top three highest average prices for Opening Day are at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Busch Stadium in St. Louis and Globe Life Park in Texas. The draw in Chicago is obvious as they welcome their Cubs as defending champions for the first time since 1909. St. Louis is maybe the best baseball town in America and always draws an Opening Day crowd, as do the Rangers in Texas. Atlanta just missed being in the top three for the first game at SunTrust Park. The cheapest average Opening Day prices are in Anaheim, Minnesota and Miami.

2017 Average Opening Day Ticket Prices

Home Team Avg. Price
Chicago Cubs $294.60
St. Louis Cardinals $221.27
Texas Rangers $191.27
Atlanta Braves $182.90
Kansas City Royals $182.62
Cleveland Indians $179.93
Boston Red Sox $166.80
San Francisco Giants $166.69
Detroit Tigers $162.14
New York Mets $159.85
Los Angeles Dodgers $145.97
Baltimore Orioles $141.52
Colorado Rockies $135.36
New York Yankees $126.31
San Diego Padres $113.13
Houston Astros $110.45
Cincinnati Reds $108.33
Toronto Blue Jays $105.78
Pittsburgh Pirates $100.29
Tampa Bay Rays $99.98
Arizona Diamondbacks $98.51
Washington Nationals $98.18
Chicago White Sox $95.66
Seattle Mariners $94.71
Oakland Athletics $92.57
Philadelphia Phillies $79.37
Milwaukee Brewers $69.97
Miami Marlins $68.78
Minnesota Twins $62.64
LA Angels of Anaheim $62.17

Across the league, fans can save an average of $80.95 by skipping their team’s opener. Looking at individual teams, Cardinals fans can save $153 dollars and Rangers fans can save $146. Those two teams are at the top of Opening Day prices, so we’d expect to see a bigger drop off there. Fans in Kansas City and Cleveland can save an average of $135 by going to game two and Mets fans can save almost $120.

  Here’s the full list of teams and the average dollar amount saved if you go to game two instead of the home opener:

Home Team Game 2 Savings
St. Louis Cardinals -$153.32
Texas Rangers -$146.14
Kansas City Royals -$140.42
Cleveland Indians -$136.79
New York Mets -$118.67
San Francisco Giants -$117.10
Chicago Cubs -$112.75
Boston Red Sox -$112.12
Baltimore Orioles -$107.61
Detroit Tigers -$98.32
Los Angeles Dodgers -$98.10
Colorado Rockies -$94.48
New York Yankees -$89.42
Atlanta Braves -$83.75
Chicago White Sox -$80.87
Toronto Blue Jays -$77.48
Houston Astros -$72.56
Seattle Mariners -$59.11
Cincinnati Reds -$53.64
Washington Nationals -$53.06
Tampa Bay Rays -$46.48
Oakland Athletics -$41.77
Milwaukee Brewers -$37.08
Arizona Diamondbacks -$32.63
Miami Marlins -$29.56
Pittsburgh Pirates -$27.91
Minnesota Twins -$22.89
Philadelphia Phillies -$22.58
LA Angels of Anaheim -$13.28
San Diego Padres $42.25*

*What’s going on in San Diego? The Padres open on Friday, April 7 against the Giants. It’s possible that the 5:40 p.m. first pitch is actually driving down prices for their home opener. Their game the next night is at 7:40 p.m. and so far shows stronger ticket demand.

So if you’re a fan who can’t wait to get in the ballpark but would like to save a little cash, and you don’t mind skipping Opening Day, there are great deals to be had on tickets to see your favorite big league team.
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