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5 Things To Know Before You Propose At The Ballpark

Adam Young | May 1, 2017
Proposing at a ballpark.
Well we’ve all seen it by now: Some poor guy tried to turn a Red Sox game into the moment of a lifetime by proposing to his girlfriend on the big scoreboard…and she said no.

Proposing at the game seems like a grand romantic gesture. It’s a very special moment that you’ll always remember and that – assuming it goes right – will lead to a life of married happiness. If the guy is clever enough he’ll be able to get her entire family there to witness the joyous event. Hugs all around!

Not everyone is on board with the idea, however. Charlotte Wilder over at SB Nation has no sympathy for the guy. Her contention is that proposing marriage is too intimate and personal to do in front of 40,000 complete strangers.

So what should you know before you decide to propose at the ballpark? If you’re thinking about proposing at the game, give these five questions some serious consideration:

  1. That it can be expensive. Teams aren’t just going to turn their scoreboard over to you for nothing, according to Bleacher Report. In Los Angeles it’ll cost you $2,500 at Dodger Stadium, but curiously across town in Anaheim it’s not even allowed. In Boston, it looks like the dude was out $350, but the cost of his embarrassment is incalculable.

  2. That she’s really going to say yes. This seems like a no-brainer but, fellas, if you’re going to put her on the spot like that you’d better be d*** sure she’s going to jump for joy. Have you been talking about marriage for a while now? Have those talks gone well? If not, maybe keep the ring in your pocket and just enjoy the game.

  3. That she’s going to say yes fast. Baseball is trying to speed up the game and limits the time between half-innings to two minutes and five seconds. Teams will use most of that time for scoreboard advertising, so you’ve got 30 seconds (45 seconds tops) to get down on a knee, pop the question and get an answer. If she doesn’t say yes right away, it’s going to get awkward for everyone as that clock ticks closer to zero.
  4. That she will actually enjoy this story. You might think this will be the coolest thing in the world, but if she’s not as big a fan as you are then it might not be what she’s expecting. Maybe consider popping the Q somewhere else.

  5. That you are not Kanye West. Seriously, you are not. Kanye rented out the entire AT&T Park in San Francisco when he proposed to Kim Kardashian. The Giants weren’t even playing, he just took over the whole stadium complete with an orchestra and fireworks. That is how you propose at the ballpark.

And remember: Its 2017, everyone has their camera ready. Everyone. If this goes wrong, you’re a viral embarrassment.

One more tip: Don’t drop the ring! Just look at the stress on this guy’s face as he can’t find the diamond.

Back to Boston for a second. Things went a little better for the Red Sox than they did for this poor guy – Boston scored four runs in the bottom of the 8th inning to beat the Cubs 6-2.

As if that’s supposed to make the guy feel any better.  
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