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New York City Ballet, Russian National Ballet, California and Atlanta Ballet, and all else in between, Event Tickets Center has an incredible assortment of ballet tickets to choose from. From the largest ballet production companies to the smaller, intimate performances, we have tickets to accommodate most all professional ballet enthusiasts.

In contemporary theatres and modern performing arts facilities, there are many great opportunities to see this highly technical and sophisticated form of dance throughout the US. Featuring elaborate costumes and choreography in harmony with unrivaled athleticism, these elegant performances may be enjoyed by all.

Event Tickets Center is proud to offer a variety of ballet performances from coast to coast. View our selection of ballet tickets and ballet performances below. Choose from any of the classic performances such as the Nutcracker or Swan Lake, or venture into something of more modern form, but dare to miss out on such a magnificent event. Buy your tickets today and start making plans to explore the magical and captivating world of professional ballet!

Ballet Events

A Celtic Christmas
A Minnesota Nutcracker
A Very Cary Christmas
Alaska Dance Theatre: The Nutcracker
Albany Berkshire Ballet: The Nutcracker
Alonzo King Lines Ballet
American Ballet Theatre: Ratmansky's The Sleeping Beauty
American Ballet Theatre: The Nutcracker
American Repertory Ballet: Echoes of Russian Ballet
American Repertory Ballet: The Nutcracker
American Youth Ballet Company: The Nutcracker
Anaheim Ballet: The Nutcracker
Ann Brodie's Carolina Ballet: The Nutcracker
Appalachian Ballet: The Nutcracker
Arte Y Pasion Tamara Adira
Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida: Coppelia
Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida: Spring Gala
Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida: The Nutcracker
Aspen Santa Fe Ballet: Cerrudo, Melo & Soto - Three New Works
Atlanta Ballet: 20/20 Visionary
Atlanta Ballet: Mayhem - Kissed
Atlanta Ballet: Moulin Rouge
Atlanta Ballet: The Nutcracker
Atlanta Ballet: The Princess & The Goblin
Atlanta Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty
Ballet Arizona: The Nutcracker
Ballet Austin: Cinderella
Ballet Austin: The Nutcracker
Ballet BC: 16 Plus A Room, Bill & I and I Am You
Ballet BC: Alberta Ballet's The Nutcracker
Ballet BC: New Work
Ballet Des Moines: The Nutcracker
Ballet Etudes: Cinderella
Ballet Etudes: The Nutcracker
Ballet Flamenco De Andalucia
Ballet Folkloric Quetzalli
Ballet Hawaii: The Nutcracker
Ballet Hispanico
Ballet Idaho: The Nutcracker
Ballet Idaho: The Sleeping Beauty
Ballet Jorgen Canada: The Nutcracker
Ballet Jorgen Canada: The Nutcracker, A Canadian Tradition
Ballet Jorgen Canada: The Sleeping Beauty
Ballet Memphis: The Nutcracker
Ballet Nebraska: The Nutcracker
Ballet Pensacola: The Nutcracker
Ballet Quad Cities & Orchestra Iowa: The Nutcracker
Ballet Quad Cities: The Nutcracker
Ballet Repertory Theatre: The Little Mermaid
Ballet Repertory Theatre: The Nutcracker
Ballet Repertory Theatre: Voices in Motion
Ballet San Antonio: Ballet Alive
Ballet San Antonio: Peter Pan
Ballet San Antonio: The Nutcracker
Ballet Theatre of Maryland: Innovations
Ballet Theatre of Maryland: The Nutcracker
Ballet Theatre of Maryland: The Sleeping Beauty
Ballet Theatre of Ohio: Cinderella
Ballet Theatre of Ohio: The Nutcracker
Ballet Tucson: The Nutcracker
Ballet West: Romeo and Juliet
Ballet West: The Nutcracker
BalletMet Columbus: The Nutcracker
BalletMet: Carmen Maquia
BalletMet: Inspired
BalletMet: The Sleeping Beauty
Beaumont Civic Ballet
Belliston Ballet: The Nutcracker
Birmingham Ballet: The Muttcracker
Birmingham Ballet: The Nutcracker
Birmingham Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty
Bluegrass Youth Ballet: The Nutcracker In One Act
Bolshoi Ballet: The Lady of The Camellias
Bolshoi Ballet: The Legend of Love
Bolshoi Ballet: The Nutcracker
Boston Ballet: The Nutcracker
Butler Ballet: Swan Lake
Butler Ballet: The Nutcracker
California Ballet: Romeo and Juliet
California Ballet: The Nutcracker
Carolina Ballet: Love Speaks
Carolina Ballet: Tempest Fantasy
Carolina Ballet: The Nutcracker
Catskill Ballet: The Nutcracker
Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet: The Nutcracker
Charlotte Ballet: The Nutcracker
Chicago Festival Ballet: The Nutcracker
Cincinnati Ballet: Ballet Toybox
Cincinnati Ballet: Cinderella
Cincinnati Ballet: Director's Choice
Cincinnati Ballet: The Nutcracker
Cincinnati Ballet: Wild Sweet Love
City Ballet of San Diego: The Nutcracker
Civic Ballet of Volusia County: The Nutcracker
Cole Academy
Colorado Ballet: Alice In Wonderland
Colorado Ballet: The Nutcracker
Colorado Springs Philharmonic & Oklahoma City Ballet: The Nutcracker
Colorado Youth Ballet: The Nutcracker
Columbus Ballet: The Nutcracker
Company of Dance Arts: The Nutcracker
Concert Ballet: Esmeralda and Other Works
Concert Ballet: The Nutcracker
Conejo Civic Ballet: The Nutcracker
Culture Shock Nutcracker
Dance Discovery: Ballet Mime
Dance Theatre of Harlem
Dancenter North: Magic of The Nutcracker
Don Quixote
Double Dutch Holiday Classic
Edmonton's Ukrainian Nutcracker
El Paso Youth Ballet & UTEP: The Nutcracker
Eugene Ballet Company: The Nutcracker
Eugene Ballet: The Nutcracker
Evergreen City Ballet: The Nutcracker
Festival Ballet Providence: Swan Lake
Festival Ballet Providence: The Nutcracker
Festival Ballet Theatre: The Nutcracker
Fresno Ballet Theatre: Don Quixote
Giselle Ou Les Wilis
Grace Ballet
Grand Rapids Ballet: The Nutcracker
Gwinnett Ballet Theatre: The Nutcracker
High Point Ballet: The Land of the Sweets Nutcracker
High Point Ballet: The Nutcracker
Hot Chocolate Nutcracker
Houston Ballet II
Houston Ballet: Academy Spring Showcase
Houston Ballet: Giselle
Houston Ballet: Spring Mixed Repertory Program
Houston Ballet: The Nutcracker
Houston Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty
Houston Ballet: Winter Mixed Repertory Program
Huntington Dance Theatre: Swan Lake
Huntsville Ballet Company
Indiana Ballet Theatre: The Nutcracker
Inland Pacific Ballet: The Nutcracker
Iowa Dance Theatre: The Nutcracker
Ithaca Ballet: The Nutcracker
Joffrey Ballet
Joffrey Ballet: Bold Moves
Joffrey Ballet: Cinderella
Joffrey Ballet: The Nutcracker
Kansas Ballet: The Nutcracker
Kansas City Ballet: The Nutcracker
Lafayette Ballet Theatre: The Nutcracker
Les Ballets De Monte Carlo
Les Ballets de Monte Carlo: Chore
Les Ballets Trockadero De Monte Carlo
Les Grands Ballets Canadiens
Les Petits Ballets: The Sleeping Beauty
Little Orchestra Society: Babes In Toyland
Long Beach Ballet: The Nutcracker
Los Angeles Ballet: Don Quixote
Los Angeles Ballet: Romeo and Juliet
Los Angeles Ballet: The Nutcracker
Los Gatos Ballet: The Nutcracker
Louisville Ballet: The Brown-Forman Nutcracker
Loyce Houlton's Nutcracker Fantasy
Macomb Ballet Company: The Nutcracker
Macomb Ballet Company: Wizard of Oz
Maine State Ballet: The Nutcracker
Mariinsky Ballet: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Mariinsky Ballet: Petipas Raymonda
Meg Segreto Dance Centre: In the Nutcracker Mood
Miami City Ballet
Miami City Ballet: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Miami City Ballet: George Balanchine's The Nutcracker
Miami City Ballet: Program Three
Miami City Ballet: Program Two
Miami City Ballet: The Nutcracker
Milwaukee Ballet: Alice in Wonderland
Milwaukee Ballet: Kaleidoscope Eyes
Milwaukee Ballet: The Nutcracker
Minnesota Ballet: Cinderella
Minnesota Ballet: The Nutcracker
Mohawk Valley Ballet: The Nutcracker
Momix: Botanica
Moorpark Civic Ballet: The Nutcracker
Moscow Ballet: Cinderella
Moscow Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty
Moscow Ballet's Cinderella
Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker
Moscow Classical Ballet: The Nutcracker
Moscow Festival Ballet
Moscow Festival Ballet: Carmen Suite/Romeo and Juliet
Moscow Festival Ballet: Cinderella
Moscow Festival Ballet: Don Quixote
Moscow Festival Ballet: Giselle
Moscow Festival Ballet: Romeo and Juliet & The Sleeping Beauty
Moscow Festival Ballet: Swan Lake
Moscow Festival Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty
Nashville Ballet: Attitude
Nashville Ballet: Nashville's Nutcracker
National Ballet Of Canada
National Ballet of Canada: The Nutcracker
Nevada Ballet Theatre: The Nutcracker
New Albany Children's Ballet: The Nutcracker
New Haven Ballet: The Nutcracker
New Jersey Ballet: Cinderella
New Jersey Ballet: Don Quixote
New Jersey Ballet: The Nutcracker
New Mexico Ballet Company: The Nutcracker
New York City Ballet: 21st Century Choreographers
New York City Ballet: 21st Century Choreographers I
New York City Ballet: 21st Century Choreographers II
New York City Ballet: A Midsummer Night's Dream
New York City Ballet: All Balanchine
New York City Ballet: All Balanchine I
New York City Ballet: All Balanchine II
New York City Ballet: All Robbins
New York City Ballet: American Music
New York City Ballet: Balanchine Black & White
New York City Ballet: Christopher Wheeldon Premiere - Spring Gala
New York City Ballet: Classic NYCB
New York City Ballet: Classic NYCB I
New York City Ballet: Classic NYCB II
New York City Ballet: George Balanchine's The Nutcracker
New York City Ballet: Jewels
New York City Ballet: La Sylphide
New York City Ballet: Masters At Work
New York City Ballet: Moves
New York City Ballet: Music Director's Choice
New York City Ballet: New Combinations
North Central Ballet: The Nutcracker
Northeast Atlanta Ballet: The Nutcracker
Northeast Ballet: The Nutcracker
Oakland Ballet: Graham Lustig's The Nutcracker
Oklahoma City Ballet: The Nutcracker
Oregon Ballet Theatre: The Nutcracker
Orlando Ballet: The Nutcracker
Pacific Festival Ballet: The Nutcracker
Pacific Northwest Ballet
Pacific Northwest Ballet: American Stories
Pacific Northwest Ballet: Coppelia
Pacific Northwest Ballet: Director's Choice
Pacific Northwest Ballet: George Balanchine's The Nutcracker
Pacific Northwest Ballet: Romeo et Juliette
Paltz Ballet: The Nutcracker
Pamela Hayes Classical Ballet Theatre: The Nutcracker
Pennsylvania Ballet: A Program of Firsts
Pennsylvania Ballet: Don Quixote
Pennsylvania Ballet: George Balanchine's The Nutcracker
Peter and The Wolf
Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre: Le Corsaire
Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre: Peter Pan
Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre: Peter Pan Sensory Friendly
Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre: The Nutcracker
Princeton Ballet School: The Nutcracker
Quenedit Ballet: The Nutcracker
Richmond Ballet & Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra: The Rite of Spring
Richmond Ballet: Romeo and Juliet
Richmond Ballet: The Nutcracker
Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance: The Nutcracker
Roberto Bolle & Friends
Royal Swedish Ballet
Royal Winnipeg Ballet: Going Home Star
Royal Winnipeg Ballet: The Nutcracker
Russian Ballet: Swan Lake
Russian National Ballet Theatre
Russian National Ballet: Cinderella
Russian National Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty
Sacramento Ballet & Fresno Ballet Theatre: The Nutcracker
Sacramento Ballet: Ron Cunningham’s The Nutcracker
Sacramento Ballet: The Nutty Nutcracker
Salt Creek Ballet: The Nutcracker
San Antonio Metropolitan Ballet: Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker
San Francisco Ballet: Continuum - Liam Scarlett's Rubies
San Francisco Ballet: Coppelia
San Francisco Ballet: Onegin
San Francisco Ballet: Program 1 - 7 For Eight, Magrittomania & Pas/Parts
San Francisco Ballet: Program 3 - Swan Lake
San Francisco Ballet: Program 4 - Coppelia
San Francisco Ballet: Program 5 - Dances At A Gathering
San Francisco Ballet: Program 5 - Dances at a Gathering & Swimmer
San Francisco Ballet: Program 6 - Prism, Seven Sonatas & Rush
San Francisco Ballet: Program 7 - Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
San Francisco Ballet: Program 7 - Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes & Theme and Variations
San Francisco Ballet: Swan Lake
San Francisco Ballet: The Nutcracker
Silicon Valley Ballet: Alice In Wonderland
Silicon Valley Ballet: The Nutcracker
South Carolina Ballet: Aladdin
Space Coast Ballet: The Nutcracker
State Ballet Theatre of Russia: Romeo and Juliet
State Ballet Theatre of Russia: Swan Lake
State Ballet Theatre of Russia: Tchaikovsky Spectacular
State Ballet Theatre of Russia: The Nutcracker
State Street Ballet: The Nutcracker
Stroia Ballet Company: The Nutcracker
Swan Lake
Syracuse City Ballet: The Nutcracker
Tampa City Ballet: The Nutcracker
Texas Ballet Theater: The Nutcracker
The Celtic Nutcracker
The Community Nutcracker
The Eglevsky Ballet: The Nutcracker
The Goh Ballet: The Nutcracker
The Las Cruces Nutcracker
The Lexington Ballet: Alice In Wonderland
The Lexington Ballet: The Nutcracker
The Nutcracker
The Nutcracker Ballet
The Nutcracker of Middle Georgia
The Nutcracker Remixed
The Nutcracker: A Holiday Tradition
The Nutcracker: Tale From The Bayou
The Rock School's Nutcracker 1776
The Sleeping Beauty
The Washington Ballet: Septime Webre's The Nutcracker
These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things
Toldeo Ballet: The Nutcracker
Toronto International Ballet Theatre: The Nutcracker
Triangle Youth Ballet: The Nutcracker
Trinity Irish Dance Company
Triple Threat Theatre: The Nutcracker Ballet
Tucson Regional Ballet: Southwest Nutcracker
Tulsa Ballet: The Nutcracker
Twin Cities Ballet: The Nutcracker
Ulster Ballet Company
Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet: The Nutcracker
Ventura County Ballet: The Nutcracker
Verb Ballets
Vicky Simegiatos Dance Company: The Nutcracker
Victoria Ballet Company: Cinderella
Western Maryland City Ballet: The Nutcracker
Westmoreland Symphony Orchestra: The Nutcracker
Woodbury Ballet: The Nutcracker